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What 5 Plastic Surgeries Do Men Want Most?

Posted October 12, 2022 in Male Plastic Surgery

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Many people have the misconception that plastic surgery is only meant for women. While women do make up the majority of plastic surgery patients, the truth is that lots of men undergo cosmetic surgery. In fact, nearly three million male cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2020

And it makes sense … Just like women, men have aspects about their aesthetic appearances that frustrate them, and plastic surgery procedures can help these men achieve the look they’ve always wanted.

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Below, you’ll find five of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures that men undergo to transform themselves and improve their confidence.

1. Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by enlarged breasts due to excess breast tissue or fat. This condition is often caused by hormonal imbalances. While this may correct itself on its own (as commonly seen with teens going through puberty), some men experience cosmetic issues with gynecomastia far into adulthood. 

If these hormones remain imbalanced, men can develop female-looking breasts, which can be very embarrassing. And what’s even more frustrating is that there is no natural way to fix true “man boobs.” However, gynecomastia surgery can remove the “man boobs,” improving the aesthetic condition. 

For this procedure, Dr. Lo will use liposuction surgery to remove any stubborn fat in the chest. Then, Dr. Lo will make an incision at the edge of the nipple-areolar complex, which allows him to surgically remove any excess gland tissue in the area. 

Once the procedure is done, you can look forward to enjoying a more manly and defined chest that can help you feel better about yourself!

2. Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are said to be “the windows to the soul,” but for men who struggle with droopy eyelids, their sagging skin can hide their eyes (and even obstruct vision) and cause them to look more tired and frustrated than they are. 

Even though this is a natural part of the aging process, you don’t need to sit back and let your eyelids take away from the overall handsome quality of your face. Instead, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is an option for men who want to take control.

As with all facial plastic surgery procedures, eyelid surgery is a safe operation that can completely transform the way that you look. 

Depending on what correction your eyelids require, you can undergo upper blepharoplasty (correction to your upper eyelids), lower blepharoplasty (correction to your lower eyelids), or a combination of both. 

During this procedure, Dr. Lo will make an incision in either the natural creases of your upper eyelid or just below your lower eyelashes. He will then remove or reposition excess fat, muscles, and skin to give you a smoother appearance that can improve your facial aesthetic.  

3. Neck Lift

As men age, they often find themselves with excess fat and skin in their neck and along their jawline. While suffering from a “turkey neck” can be very embarrassing, undergoing neck lift surgery can help to bring a more defined and contoured appearance to the neck and jawline, improving your entire facial appearance.

For this procedure, Dr. Lo will use liposuction to remove pockets of subcutaneous fat in the neck and around the jaw. Excess skin will be surgically trimmed or removed, allowing for a more defined neck and jaw that you can feel proud of. What’s even better is that any wrinkles and/or lines that you may have had on your neck should be smoothed away after this procedure.

4. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (corrective nose surgery) remains one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures available to both men and women. That is because the nose is central to your facial appearance (both figuratively and literally). 

Whether you were born with nose issues (such as a nose disproportionate in size to the rest of your face, one with a nasal hump, or one with an upturned or drooping nasal tip) or your nose issue is a result from an injury (broken nose), cosmetic nose surgery can help you achieve a balanced and handsome nose.

Depending on the type of correction needed, Dr. Lo will perform open rhinoplasty (where the incision is made on the bottom part of the nose) or closed rhinoplasty (where the incision is made within the nostril). 

Through this incision, Dr. Lo will be able to make any correction necessary, including removing bone or cartilage or augmenting the size of the nose with the use of cartilage grafts. After your procedure, you can find yourself feeling more comfortable and confident in the way you look.

5. Tummy Tuck

Whether from age, lifestyle, or weight loss, many men develop excess fat and sagging skin around their midsections. Whatever you call it (“beer belly,” “spare tire,” or “gut bucket”), this fat and skin can severely detract from your overall appearance and hurt your self-confidence. 

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that removes fat from the belly, tightens underlying abdominal muscles, removes excess skin from the area, and tightens the remaining skin. 

After your tummy tuck recovery, you can find yourself excited to take off your shirt so that you can show off your defined and contoured midsection to everyone around you!

Close up of a man's midsection as a plastic surgeon makes surgery lines on his stomach

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