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A flat and well-toned tummy is a goal that many women and men strive for through exercise, diet and weight control. Despite one's best efforts, the goal of a flat and toned tummy is not achieved. There may be loose skin and skin rolls that do not improve, fat deposits on the front and love handles (sides or flanks) that just will not go away despite all your efforts at exercise and diet. In these situations, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty may be recommended to achieve your goals. Dr. Adrian Lo is a top board certified plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, and specializes in abdominoplasty here in Philadelphia and the South Jersey region. Dr. Lo explains "a tummy tuck re-contours the abdomen by removing loose skin, stretch marks, fat bulges and repairs the abdominal muscles. This restores the abdomen to a more normal flat contour that is better proportioned to your body type and weight."

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Are you a good candidate for Abdominoplasty?

You may be a candidate for abdominoplasty / tummy tuck surgery if you feel that any of the scenarios listed below apply to you.

  • You have loose skin or skin rolls from pregnancy.
  • You have loose skin or skin rolls from weight fluctuations or weight loss from dieting or gastric bypass procedures.
  • You have an abdomen that protrudes and is out of proportion to the rest of your body. A protruding abdomen is usually due to areas of fat deposits on the front of the abdomen and love handles (sides) with loose skin. Often, this type of abdomen may be hereditary and does not improve with exercise or dieting.
  • You have had prior surgery that has resulted in excess skin or accumulation of fat. For example, sometimes loose skin may hang over a Caesarean section scar (C-section); this skin can be removed through a tummy tuck procedure.
  • Your abdomen may bulge out and be rounded or convex. This is called rectus muscle separation or diastasis and occurs frequently with pregnancy, weight loss or aging. A tummy tuck procedure will repair the muscles, restore the muscle tone and remove the loose skin to give you a flat and well toned abdomen.

Although tummy tucks work best for patients who are near their ideal weight for their body type and size, and may also be considered for patients who are planning to start a weight loss or exercise program. In these patients, the excess fat and loose skin may be making it difficult to exercise and a tummy tuck procedure may be an option to remove this excess fat and skin to allow one to allow exercise. A tummy tuck can be considered in these scenarios as the first step in an exercise and dieting program.

Understanding which surgery is best for you: Endoscopic, Mini or Full Tummy Tuck: The endoscopic version is a small, maybe only a couple of inches for the incision, and is used primarily to repair muscles in the stomach and do some liposuction. This is not ideal if there is loose skin on the tummy as there is no way to pull the loose skin across a stomach into a small incision area. That is when a mini tummy tuck comes in to play...if there is only a little bit of loose skin. The full tummy tuck is most common as most people simply have loose skin across their entire stomach, and the skin is pulled "down" into the incision area....so it needs to be a wider horizontal incision across the lower abdomen to achieve this.

Most patients are thrilled with the results of their body contouring by abdominoplasty. They feel more comfortable in their clothes and more confident about their appearance. To discuss your individual needs and goals for body contouring and for complete answers to your specific questions, call Dr. Lo today for a personal consultation. Dr. Lo is a top tummy tuck surgeon in Philadelphia, South Jersey and surrounding counties.

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