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Patient Financing for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

You may be surprised to find out that Plastic Surgery is more affordable than ever. Once limited to the most affluent individuals, plastic surgery is now within the realm of nearly everyone. In order to make the process easier, we are happy to provide cost estimates over the phone for any procedure you may be interested in. Additionally, we have partnered with financing company, or (a second option) to assist you with your financing needs. Please click the link below for their website, or call our office directly for more financing information.

Payment Policy

    • Cash
    • Cashier’s Check
    • Money Order
    • Master Card, Visa and Discover

Payment options

To assist you with your financial planning try the Care Credit calculator below:

Payment options

***Please be aware that while our office accepts financing, some hospitals, out patient surgery centers and anesthesia providers will not.***

If you have any questions about financing please call our office at


We are very familiar with the process and can assist you.

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Staff member: Jami

Our Patient Care Coordinator and Marketing Manager, Jami makes sure all of our patients are very comfortable and have a full understanding of the process of getting scheduled for surgery, etc. She meets with you at the initial consultation after you see Dr. Lo, helping you get to know our practice. She will help you pick the perfect surgery date for you and is sure to make you feel confident in our practice! Jami goes over all payment options available to you as well.


A mommy makeover is a comprehensive set of plastic surgery procedures used to treat areas of the body which change after pregnancy.

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