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Mommy Makeover


After pregnancy and childbirth, women may have loose skin on their abdomen and extra fat on their love handles. Often the breasts have lost their volume, size and have become saggy with pregnancy and breast feeding. A mommy makeover can reverse the effects of childbearing and restore your abdomen and breasts to the way it was before, and often even better! 

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A Mommy Makeover by Dr. Lo can help you to look and feel your best after pregnancy. This involves a combination of procedures such as breast augmentation, and/or breast lift with implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty and more.

REFRESH and RENEW your body after childbirth!

Dr. Adrian Lo specializes in the very popular “mommy makeover”, which is any combination of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that restores your body to the appearance before pregnancy. The mommy makeover procedures correct the changes to your body that may have happened with pregnancy and breast feeding. The procedures usually include, but is not limited to: breasts, abdomen and labia. A typical makeover often includes a tummy tuck with a breast procedure, such as breast implants with or without a breast lift. Often, women add in the Labiaplasty surgery, to correct labial changes due to pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover is also known as the “post-pregnancy” surgery

You do not need to be mom to have a mommy make-over surgery. Mommy makeover surgery refers to any woman that wishes to have a combination of a breast, abdomen or any other procedure to restore and correct changes to her body that may have happened with age and time. Dr. Adrian Lo is one the busiest plastic surgeons specializing in breast implant surgery and tummy tuck surgery. He has been performing these procedures safely since 1991, helping patients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mommy Makeover

Am I a Candidate for a

Mommy Makeover?

You may be an ideal candidate for the Mommy Makeover procedure if:

  • You have loose skin on your abdomen and your abdomen is no longer flat, despite exercising and getting back to your pre-pregnant weight.
  • You look like you are pregnant even though you are not, because your abdominal muscles are stretched.
  • You had a C-section and now you have the “shelf”, a roll of skin and fat hanging over your C-section scar.
  • You have stretch marks that you would like to get rid of as much as possible.
  • You have extra fat on your waist, abdomen or thighs that will not budge with dieting and exercise.
  • You have deflated breasts, breasts that have lost volume or become much smaller with pregnancy.
  • You have breasts that are saggy or hang making it difficult to fit into bras and are unattractive.
  • Your post-pregnancy breasts are too large and cause back pain.
  • Your labia are large, stretched, uneven, darker in color and are not attractive or get in the way of clothing or exercise

The Tummy tuck in a Mommy Makeover (also known as Abdominoplasty)

What are the issues?

Before your pregnancy, most likely you were in pretty good shape, watched your diet and exercised regularly, and even if you didn’t you were pretty happy with the way your abdomen (stomach) looked. During your pregnancy, you watched your abdomen get bigger, as you carried your child. You were probably wondering if after childbirth, your abdomen would ever be the same.

In many instances, after childbirth the abdomen stays stretched resulting in loose skin, stretch marks, fat deposits and a bulging abdomen. Women feel that they still look pregnant! Your stomach does not improve with diet and exercise.

The abdominal muscles (Rectus Abdominus) are often stretched and pulled apart causing weakness or decreased core strength. You may look like you have a mid-line hernia or look like you are still pregnant. The medical term for this condition is called “Rectus Diastasis”

What is Corrected?

Tummy tuck in a mommy makeover removes loose, excess skin and fat, tightens/repairs the abdominal muscles, removes stretch marks below the belly button and shapes the love handles.


  • Excess skin and fat between the belly button and pubic hair is removed in a horizontal elliptical section
  • The skin above the belly button is tightened and smoothed out
  • The abdominal muscles are repaired by stitching them back to the mid-line of your abdomen, putting them back where they should be. This makes you flatter and gives you better core strength
  • A small opening is made in the abdominal skin and the belly button is brought out and placed in its normal position
  • Unwanted or extra fat deposits will be removed and shaped with liposuction

Tummy Tuck Gallery

Tummy tuck patient Before and after number 1 Results may vary
Tummy tuck patient Before and after number 2 Results may vary
Tummy tuck patient Before and after number 3 Results may vary

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With pregnancy and breast feeding, your breasts will lose volume, get smaller or deflate and have varying degrees of loose skin or sagginess. Often you will just require your breast size and volume restored with breast implants.

With the breast implant procedure, women may want to enhance their breasts, making them bigger than what they were before pregnancy but still look natural and proportionate to their body.


Breast implant surgery or breast augmentation in a mommy makeover restores the volume of the breasts, using silicone (“Gummy Bear”) or saline breast implants.

During your consultation, your goals and wishes will be discussed and time is spent determining the best size for you with our bra sizing kit and 3D Vectra breast imaging machine.


  • The breast implants are placed through a small incision in the armpit. This is the most popular way to put the implant in and this is Dr. Lo’s “Scarless Breast Augmentation” technique for placing saline or silicone implants without any visible scars on your breast. This way, nobody will know that you have breast implants
  • You may also place the implant through a small incision underneath the breast (crease incision) or around the bottom of the nipple (periareolar incision)
  • Breast implants can also be placed below and above the muscle depending on your goals and wishes

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation patient Before and after number 1 Results may vary

Breast Augmentation patient Before and after number 2 Results may vary

Breast Augmentation patient Before and after number 3 Results may vary

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If you are breasts are saggy and you have an excessive amount of loose breast skin then a breast lift may be needed with your breast implant achieve fullness with projection and roundness of the breast.


Saggy, droopy breasts are lifted and excess skin is removed placing your breasts in a normal higher position.

Breast implants are used with your breast lift procedure to give you the volume and breast size that you desire.


  • The breast implants whether saline or silicone (“Gummy Bear”) are placed first to give the size that the women desires followed by a breast lift procedure
  • There are two types of breast lifts: the Lollipop Lift (‘mini breast lift’) or the Anchor (inverted T- Lift). The Lollipop Lift is performed for minor to moderate cases of saggy breast. The Anchor Breast Lift is recommended for more severe cases
  • The nipple and areola are repositioned to the normal level on the middle of the breast mound. The nipples and areolas usually remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue, which means you should have normal nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed. If needed, the size of the areola can be reduced by excising skin around the perimeter

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During pregnancy and with breast feeding, the breasts become much larger and then stay large after childbirth causing heaviness, back and neck pain, poor posture and inability to fit clothes.


Breast reduction corrects this by removing the extra breast tissue and reshaping the breast giving you the cup size that you desire.  The breasts will be natural and proportionate to your body.

Dr. Lo performs a special breast reduction technique called the “No Vertical Scar” breast reduction which eliminates the up and down scar.


  • Incisions on your breasts are made and excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin are surgically removed
  • The nipple is repositioned and if necessary, the areolar is reduced by removing the surrounding skin
  • The breast will be lifted and shaped with the remaining breast tissue. The skin is closed with dissolvable stitches

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There may be areas of unwanted fat or extra fat on your body that you wish to have removed or sculpted. These areas have not improved with diet or exercise.

This can lead difficulty fitting in clothes and feeling that the shape of your body is not in proportion.


The extra fat of the abdomen, mons pubis, flanks and love handles is removed by liposuction as part of Dr. Lo’s tummy tuck procedure. This will give you the best shape and contour of your abdomen.

Additional liposuction in other areas such as the thighs, legs, posterior flanks, back, buttocks and arms may be needed.


  • Small incisions are made near where the fat is to be removed
  • Next, tumescent liposuction technique is performed where a sterile fluid is injected to loosen up the fat and decrease pain, bruising and bleeding
  • Liposuction is then performed with a cannula which is a thin, hollow rod to remove the fat
  • Other advanced liposuction techniques such as Ultrasonic Liposuction, Power Assisted Liposuction and Radio Frequency BodyTite may be performed
  • If you are having a tummy tuck, liposuction will be performed through the tummy tuck incision or cut

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With pregnancy and childbirth your labia may become larger, thicker, darker in color and uneven. This can result in being uncomfortable in clothing, during exercise and with sexual intimacy.

Most women who have labiaplasty just don’t like the way it looks or how it sticks out or protrudes.


Labiaplasty is a procedure that makes the labia smaller, more even, symmetrical, and proportionate.


  • The excess skin of the labia is trimmed and removed blending in naturally with your normal anatomy.  If there is excess skin around your clitoral hood area, this excess skin is removed as well.


Labiaplasty patient Before and after number 2 Results may vary

labia actual patient results

Labiaplasty patient Before and after number 3 Results may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Mommy Makeover

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  • Is a Mommy Makeover safe?

    One of the benefits of the Mommy Makeover is that, depending on the procedures, Dr. Lo can often perform multiple surgeries simultaneously. However, this will only be done if it is safe. This will be determined based on the type and extent of surgeries performed and your overall health. Dr. Lo performs Mommy Makeovers in the safety and sterility of fully accredited surgery centers or the outpatient center at the hospital.

    Dr. Lo is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience performing Mommy Makeovers. Not only can you expect superior results, but your safety will be a top priority.

  • What is recovery after a Mommy Makeover like?

    If you have combined procedures, such as a tummy tuck and breast implant with a lift, you will only go through one recovery period rather than if you have the operations separately. This is yet another benefit of the Mommy Makeover. However, the length of your recovery period will depend on a number of factors, including your specific procedures and your healing process.

    Dr. Lo understands that the recovery period can be difficult, but patients are pleasantly surprised by how easy it can be with the proper preparation and education. Dr. Lo and his team will be available to help you every step of the way. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Lo can give you an estimate of your recovery time once your individualized surgical plan is created.

  • What results can I expect after a Mommy Makeover?

    After your Mommy Makeover, you can expect your body to be the way it was before children and oftentimes even better!

    You can expect a smoother, more contoured midsection with abdominoplasty and liposuction. Breast surgery, such as a breast lift, will restore your breasts to a lifted, more youthful position, while breast implants will provide plumpness and volume.

    Many patients state that their Mommy Makeover improved their aesthetic appearance, boosted their confidence, gave them more energy, and enhanced their daily lives.

  • How much does a Mommy Makeover cost in Philadelphia?

    The cost of a Mommy Makeover will depend on the procedures that you choose. General prices for popular Mommy Makeover procedures are:

    • Tummy Tuck: up to $13,700*
    • Breast Augmentation: $8,600 – $11,600*
    • Breast Lift: $12,300 – $15,900*
    • Liposuction: $6,200 – $8,450*
    • Labiaplasty: $5,750 – $9,000*

    These average costs include all associated fees, such as anesthesia, facility, and surgical fees. If you are combining procedures in one surgery, you may be paying less for facility and anesthesia fees. Dr. Lo’s team can provide a more accurate cost estimate once you have decided on a surgical plan.

    *Pricing subject to change without notice

  • How can I prepare myself and my family for the procedure?

    A Mommy Makeover is an important decision to better your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Once you have discussed your surgical plan with Dr. Lo, you can plan your surgery.

    Some patients choose to plan their surgeries around their work schedules. For instance, if you are in a job with a specific busy season, you may want to have your procedure during the off-season. Mothers will also have to consider their children’s school schedules; would it be easier for you to have your procedure during the school year or when your children are home for summer? Additionally, you will need to consider if you need help with childcare.

    You will have a limited range of motion for the first few weeks of recovery, so you will need help around the house — especially if you have small children. Planning ahead will allow you to take the much-needed time to heal and get back to your life sooner, revealing a new you!

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