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Could You Benefit From Labiaplasty?

Posted December 06, 2022 in Labiaplasty

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Many women feel uneasy about discussing their labia in public; however, even if they consider it a taboo topic, they will still be unhappy with the physical and emotional effects of disproportionately large labia and seek correction.

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Labia minora are the inner lips of the vulva or the external part of the female genitalia. The labia can become enlarged due to genetics, stretch and hang with time or weight fluctuations, and become large from hormonal changes like menopause. The labia can also be affected by vaginal deliveries from childbirth. 

When the labia become too large and hang, there can be both physical and psychological side effects. Fortunately, labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) can be performed to help with all these issues.

How Is Labiaplasty Performed?

Labiaplasty is a relatively simple outpatient surgical procedure. Labiaplasty is performed using one of two techniques: edge trim or wedge. The appropriate technique for you will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Lo. 

  • During an edge trim labiaplasty, tissue and skin are removed along the entire edge of each labia. This technique removes dark and thick edges of the labia.
  • During a wedge labiaplasty, a “V-shaped” portion of tissue is removed from each labia, and the edges are closed. This technique maintains the natural coloration of the labia. 

Additional surgical procedures are often recommended to improve the aesthetics of the labia area. Clitoral hood excess skin may be removed. Labia majora reduction may also be performed to remove excess skin of the labia majora or outer lips.

What Can Labiaplasty Help With?

More Comfort Wearing Tight Clothing

In many instances, enlarged labia can show when wearing tight clothing like yoga pants or bathing suits. This is commonly referred to as “camel toe” and can make women self-conscious about their appearance in both intimate and social settings. 

Labiaplasty surgery will reduce the size of the labia lips, so they are much less likely to show through underwear or clothing. 

Ease When Exercising

In addition to showing through clothing, the extra, sagging skin and tissue can also rub or get caught when engaging in exercise activities like bike riding or horseback riding. This can contribute to some women avoiding the exercise they need for their overall health, which can have lasting consequences. 

Comfort During Sex

Discomfort during sex is a common complaint among women considering labiaplasty; however, the specifics of this vary between women. Some women experience discomfort during sex due to their large labia interfering or rubbing. 

For others, their discomfort is more psychological. It is not uncommon for women with large or stretched labia to feel self-conscious during sexual encounters, regardless of whether it is a new relationship or one that has lasted decades. These insecurities and worries directly impact a woman’s sexual health and enjoyment. 

While labiaplasty does not increase sensitivity and is not performed to enhance sexual pleasure, many women find improvement after their labiaplasty thanks to the self-confidence they gain. 

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How Common Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is becoming significantly more popular with each year that passes. There was a 73% increase in labiaplasties between the years 2015 and 2018 and an additional 23% increase between 2018 and 2019. These are worldwide statistics reported by The American Esthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank.

This increase shows that the popularity of the labiaplasty procedure is growing due to the significant cosmetic results it provides and the improvement in the quality of life.

Interested in Labiaplasty in Philadelphia, PA?

If you would like to learn more about labiaplasty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, contact Dr. Adrian Lo by calling (215) 829-6900 or filling out our online contact form. Dr. Lo also serves patients from New Jersey, Delaware, and more.

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