I have had amazing experiences with Dr. Lo and his staff!

I am a licensed, health care provider and I was looking for a distinguished surgeon with an excellent reputation and an exemplary safety record. What I found with Dr. Lo and his staff was so much more!

I was first referred to Dr. Lo by a family member for whom he had completed a complex tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Her results were unbelievable and this motivated my research about Dr. Lo.

The more that I learned about Dr. Lo the more comfortable that I became with taking that intimidating step of scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I knew that Dr. Lo had an excellent track record to withstand the rigors of medical credentialing and obtaining surgical/hospital privileges at Penn, as they leave no stone unturned.

I was very impressed by Dr. Lo's biography, background, fellowships, and the prestigious positions that he has held. In addition, many of my colleagues and friends in the medical community eagerly shared their personal and professional experiences with Dr. Lo. Every single person knew of Dr. Lo and had only positive things to say about him. For example, a prestigious neurosurgeon that had worked directly with Dr. Lo described him, "as a brilliant physician and uniquely skilled surgeon." Every physician and nurse practitioner explained that Dr. Lo would take excellent care of me.

In fact, Dr. Lo surpassed my expectations! I have had Botox, liposuction of the abdomen and flanks, and a breast lift/augmentation. My results are remarkable! My scars are barely visible! My confidence improves every day! Outcomes like this are only achievable by a highly talented surgeon like Dr. Lo.

Most importantly, Dr. Lo's primary concern is the patient. He always takes the time to do the right thing. He called me on the evening of my surgery to see how I was doing. How many surgeons call their patients directly to evaluate the patient after discharge? I doubt any! Moreover, he evaluates pain and does not over prescribe medication. He prioritizes patient education and follow up care. This type of "best medical practice" rarely happens in our current medical system.

Dr. Lo genuinely cares about patient outcomes. He is a perfectionist and pays high attention to detail. His incisions are impeccable and his work is precise. As a patient, I really appreciated these character traits because it is my body and I was fearful of permanent results. As a clinician, I am blown away by his sheer talent and skill.

Dr. Lo's staff is very professional, helpful, caring, and supportive. Jami, Tammi, Lisa, and Mildred have been angels on my journey to my post-mommy body. The standard of care at Dr. Lo's office is excellence and his staff exceeds that standard.

Dr. Lo is a rare find. He is a superior surgeon who has mastered both the art and science of plastic surgery while still providing compassionate care. It is easy to find a plastic surgeon in the Philadelphia area. However, if you are looking for the ABSOLUTE best of the BEST plastic surgeons, go to DR. ADRIAN LO!