I place safety and a clean environment as my top priority when it comes to getting injectables, and I have found the place that suits me 100%. I have heard that Dr. Adrian Lo is excellent, so I had to see if he lived up to his reputation when I decided it was time for me to try some botox or juvederm for wrinkles. He has not only made me a believer in Botox, but I love what he has done with fillers in my face too! Not too much and not too little...every single time its perfect! I look younger , its funny, people think I lost a little weight or changed my hair because I look "so good"... And I know this is not the case everywhere when it comes to getting injectables...the horror stories is what made me scared to even consider it! His clean, classy office is just an added bonus to be honest, I am comfortable and even though his office is very busy (he is so popular!) he is like clockwork...I have never waited more than 5-10 minutes to see him! Great staff, great place. Cant recommend them enough, and I will have a facelift by Dr. Lo if or when I need one, per his recommendation. I trust him!