What to expect during your consultation

What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

During your consultation, you will be asked about your goals and wishes for breast augmentation or breast enlargement. Your current concerns about your breast appearance are discussed as well as the improvements you are seeking. Your goals regarding incision placement, shape and size of the breasts will also be discussed. Your general health will be reviewed.

Your breasts will be examined and measured to determine a surgical plan and to give recommendations regarding incision placement, implant placement, breast implant size and style.

Before and after pictures will be reviewed. You should have ample time to ask your questions. You will be given information to read.

Once surgery is scheduled, preoperative blood work may be required. Depending on your situation, a mammogram may be recommended before the breast augmentation surgery. Often, you will be requested to make another appointment to meet with the Plastic Surgeon in the office before the actual surgery date.