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Breast Augmentation - Information about the Different Types of Breast Implants Available

Breast augmentation or enlargement is achieved through the use of breast implants. The most commonly used breast implants are saline breast implants. The implant is similar to a balloon filled with saline or salt water. Saline breast implants have been used for over 20 years.

There are different types of breast implants and depending on your individual situation and goals, one type of implant may be recommended during your consultation.

Smooth Round Breast Implants

This is probably the most popular implant as it achieves a full round and lifted look while still appearing natural.

Textured Round Breast Implants

This is similar to the smooth round implant but with a textured coating. When placing the implant subglandular or above the muscle, this type of implant may be recommended. Some studies have shown that with the textured coating, there is less chance of capsular contracture or firmness around the implant. This opinion or fact is controversial.

Anatomical or Tear Drop Breast Implant

This breast implant is shaped exactly as described - 'tear drop' - having more volume or saline in the lower part of the implant to give a more mature look. This implant may also be recommended in certain situations depending on your individual goals. Anatomical implants are textured.

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Dr. Lo & Staff,
Thank you so very much for the outstanding Breast Aug done. I truly am pleased with the final product. Your staff has been very helpful and friendly each and every time I needed assistance. I have visited both your offices in Voorhees and Philadelphia and never felt inconvenienced on getting an appointment. Mildred was awesome! I have recommended you and you should be hearing from a few folks who are interested in tummy tucks and breast augmentation.
Thanks again!

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