Why Patients Choose Dr. Lo

Why Cosmetic Surgery Patients from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Choose Dr. Lo

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon since 1991. Because of his experience, it's not surprising that more nurses and doctors choose to have their plastic surgery performed by Dr. Lo.
  • Versatile in all surgical techniques to give you all the available and best options to meet your goals.
  • Procedures can be done under local anesthesia, twilight sedation or general anesthesia based on your needs and wishes.
  • Procedures are done in the safety and sterility of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Lo's operating room is staffed with doctor anesthesiologists monitoring you at all times and two operating room nurses.

Special Plastic Surgery Expertise or Certification

  1. Breast Augmentation - Transaxillary endoscopic (armpit) and Periareolar (nipple) and Crease (under breast) approaches
  2. Liposuction - Tumescent, Ultrasonic & Power Assisted Liposuction
  3. Facial Cosmetic Surgery - Implants, Skeletal surgery, minimal incision Endoscopic browlift and Facelift, mini facelifts
  4. Tummy Tuck - endoscopic tummy tuck with minimal incision
  5. Breast Reduction - the 'No Vertical Scar' Breast Reduction
  6. Rhinoplasty - Closed technique or internal approach with no external scars
  7. Eyelid Tucks - Transconjunctival approach with no external scar

Call Dr. Lo's office to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your needs and goals and for specific answers to your questions. All the available options will be discussed and the best option for your individual needs will be recommended.

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