Liposuction - What are the main risks?

Thousands of people have liposuction procedures safely without major problems. They are happy with their improved body contour and shape and the removal of the unwanted fat. Like any surgery, liposuction carries certain risks such as infection, bleeding, permanent discoloration, permanent numbness, uneven skin contour, loose skin and anesthesia risks. It is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon the possible risks and the likelihood of these risks. Fortunately, major problems are infrequent and the vast majority of patients are very pleased with their liposuction surgery.

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3D Face, Breast and Body Imaging

This 3D imaging system allows us to plan your surgery accurately and give you a real idea of your new look.

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After 34 years I finally decided to have plastic surgery. This decision did not come easily so my decision on who was to perform my surgery was even more important. After researching and meeting with top doctors across Philadelphia, your professionalism, your friendly and caring staff, and most important your track record of incredible results stood clearly above the rest. Every time I had a question or concern you were right there. You made me feel like your most important patient from our first consultation to my post-operative visit. From your warm bedside manner to a personal follow up call the day after I was thoroughly impressed. My results are incredible and I feel incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is considering a top Surgeon. Thank you for impacting my life! You're the best!Sincerely,

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